Oh…. Please Don’t steal My Son From Me..

After 20 minutes into a heated, unyielding discussion.
“Being gay is a disease”
“What the hell? Why the fuck would you say that now?”
“My God doesn’t allow it, you won’t know, you have subjected morality”
So along with calling gay people “diseased” this self-professed scholar goes on to play part time psychologist/morality test guy by basically telling me that I have no morals. And you know what? I am totally cool with that. Why shouldn’t I be?
I would rather have “no morals” than to shun a part of society only because I don’t understand it or because my interpretation of religion, (the tenants of which give value to tolerance, benevolence and humanity above all else) reflects merely my opinions.
I’m not here to talk about religion or anything like that, but here is what I will say: if you’re gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, bisexual or an ally, I’m proud of you and will support you. It’s your life, you have every right to live it your way. This statement of mine can of course be misconstrued but guess what? You guys get it, narrow-minded hypocritical cynics won’t.
It’s not easy being allowed to love who you want and it won’t be. In a world where individuals of “normal” individuals are still looked down on for marrying someone from a different faith or background, it would be way harder for that world and those individuals to accept or even understand that being gay has nothing to do with them, that being queer isn’t for them to comment upon, that being lesbian doesn’t mean that girls will steal “their daughters” it just means that people will love who they want. That’s it.
It’s not like every straight, single person is out there to break someone’s relationship or house or something like that and the same goes for the LGBTQ community. They aren’t there to “infiltrate” if you will, your houses and corrupt your way of life, they are just trying to live their life without YOU the “straight community” interfering into their lives and telling them how to live.
I get it, some of my friends get it. But everyone doesn’t, hell even some of your parents don’t get it and they might never get it. But here’s to you. Your courage, your resilience and your unending love to your partner and your friends. Here is to you for taking a chance at love and proving beyond doubt to the world that you guys have what it takes to follow your heart.
And this is a gentle reminder that there are many more like myself, who are and will continue fighting for your rights. That all of us, will do what it takes to break down these misogynist barriers and create and equal society that is free from all forms of dominance and especially to get rid of direct or indirect patriarchy.
This is not just your fight. It’s ours.